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Telephone: - 07725 107315

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To book a lesson or for more information, call: - 07725 107315

07725 107315

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Driving Lessons, Poole, Bournemouth

Driving Lessons, Beginners, Partly Trained, Driving Test Rescue, Intensive Course

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2BSHAW Driver Training

brings you quality driving lessons and value for money in around the Poole and the Bournemouth area.  

Our lessons are designed with you and your lifestyle in mind.

Quality lessons designed for you

Teaching safe driving for life

07725 107315

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Out of any of the driving instructors in Poole and Bournemouth Steve is your man. He knows the roads around the area like the back of hand; so key when it comes to learning to drive for the first time, having that extra bit of confidence. Steve makes sure that any weaknesses you have when driving are changed into your strengths!  Without Steve helping me along this journey I don't believe I would've been able to finally be free on the roads, and have that independence I've craved for so long!   I cannot recommend Steve highly enough; he deserves a medal!

Ewan Burden

Yellow Star


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