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Pass Plus

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Passing your test does not make you an experience driver, starting out on the road is just the beginning of a continuous learning curve.  Being on your own in your car for the first time can be very daunting, no one to ask if you are unsure about a situation on the road, to receive some feedback on the decision you make.

You need to be applying what you have been taught previously, making your assessment and decisions on the way, every trip out is a new challenge, a new experience whether it is just a short trip around the corner or a trip to an unfamiliar part of town.  Day by day you will be building on your experience, gaining more confidence, travelling further away from home and taking away the fear you may have of the unknown.

Unfortunately though, there is still a high rate (20% on average) of new drivers that will be involved in an accident within the first year of driving, 10% more likely to be involved in an accident than a more experienced driver, this is a main reason for the Insurance Premiums being so high.

You have already made a decision to take the next step to improving your experience and confidence on the road.  Develop your existing skills further whilst learning new ones along with new techniques to help improve your anticipation and awareness, key components that will help reduce the risk of accidents, being courteous and considerate to other road users.

Some of these qualities have already been introduced in previous lessons so you where able to understand the importance of remaining calm, being confidence in your decisions whilst making progress. The Pass Plus course will cover these in greater detail splitting your attention across all aspects of a driving task.  It focuses on attitude and skills, allowing you to think about these topics from a different perspective, therefore enhancing your abilities.

What is Pass Plus?

The Pass Plus course is a scheme designed by the Driving Standard Agency (DSA) involving the assistance of motor insurance and driving instruction industries.  It is an advanced driving course that helps new drivers and those wishing to improve their ability, experience and confidence, gaining valuable experience to help minimise the risk of being involved in an accident.

Pass Plus Effectiveness

The DSA reports results from a recent survey, a 93% of Pass Plus candidates felt more confident on the road after completing the course and 80% thought that their driving skills had improved as the result.

The aim of Pass Plus is to enable you to: -

Develop your existing skills

Acquire the new skills and knowledge that make up positive driving

Further develop your anticipation skills, plan for and deal with hazards safely

Help you to understand how to reduce the risk of having a crash

Being able to maintain a courteous and considerate attitude to other road users.

To help to boost your confidence whilst being on the road.

Pass Plus Course with 2BSHAW Driver Training

The course consist of six modules.  The modules are : -

  1. Town Driving
  2. All - Weather Driving
  3. Driving on Rural Roads
  4. Night Driving
  5. Dual Carriageways
  6. Motorway Driving

On completion of the course, certification can be passed on to selected insurance companies who assure discounted insurance rates for endorsed certificates.

During the Pass Plus course with 2BSHAW Driver Training, you will be provided with an up-to-date list of designated insurance companies who participate in the scheme.

Course Options

Full Day Option Details

From 09:30 - 16:30

Driving away from Dorset heading towards Southampton / Basingstoke / London.

As a new driver, this will give you the chance to experience roads you have not used before, providing plenty of opportunity to practice using slip roads on and off the motorways as well as overtaking.  

For students, an opportunity to build on their experience and confidence for travelling back home from Bournemouth.