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Practical Test Trials

Trails around the country are taking place for a new practical test.

Trials started to take place conducted from initially 20 test centres around the country, this has been extended to a further 3 which now includes Bournemouth.  The new revised test includes variations from the previous allowing the use of a sat-nav for 20 minutes as well as changes to the required manoeuvres to be conducted.

The changes are being introduced in an effort to make the driving test reflect more accurately with ‘real life’ situations after the test covering the skills not just to pass but preparing the new driver with the skills for life.

The trial test will continue now for a number of months and if proven successful with the candidates benefiting from the changes, will be introduced nationwide.

Sat-Nav: - The learner will need to follow the instruction given by the sat-nav ensuring that they are only listening for guidance and not staring at the screen too long for appropriately 20 minutes. This will also include a set manoeuvre and ‘Show Me Tell Me’ questions whilst on the move.

The turn in the road and left reverse around a corner would be dropped from the revised test.

New Manoeuvres: -

Why take part in the trial?

Taking part in the trial will give you the chance to experience and provide feedback with regards to the future of the proposed driving test as well as the present driving test requirements.  Learning to drive is an incentive in it’s self so becoming involved with this process, there are several advantages that you could have, bonuses to given for your time and effort in shaping the future of driving.

Learner should be training to take their practical car driving test for the first time and when registering, they will be informed on which practical test they will be doing.


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