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Practical Test Routes

New Drivers Act

The New Drivers Act (1995) is effectively a probationary period of two years after passing your driving test.

If you accumulate 6 or more penalty points during the two years immediately following your driving test then you will lose your driving licence. You will then have to re-apply and pay for, a provisional licence and re-sit (and pass) all parts of the driving test in order to regain a full driving licence.

The Driving Standards Agency, up until recently published the test routes for every driving test centre in the country. This information was withdrawn (2010)  when the Independent Driving section of the test was introduced and amended the routes.

This shouldn’t affect the outcome of the practical driving test if you have been taught well and are a skilful driver.

Familiarising with the area will help, being more aware of the type of roads, schools, shopping areas, etc.

DSA Logo Practical Test Routes 1 - 5Practical Test Routes 6 - 10

The links below refer to the Bournemouth Test routes which may have may have changed due to the independent driving section part of the Practical Test. The Bournemouth Driving Test routes can provide a guide only to possible areas being used through-out the testing.