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QS20BTEC Qualification

The BTEC Level 1 Award is a driving course which together with practical training, assessment and a portfolio; can gain you a qualification from EdExcel and can support your driving lessons and safety on the road.

Start from just 14 years of age

If you are looking to getting a head start, want to learn more about cars or just cant wait to get started, you can enrol on this BTEC Level 1 course from the age of 14, be well prepared before your provisional driving licence arrives.

BTEC Qualification

BTEC LogoSafe Road Skills

BTEC Level 1 Award - Safe Road Skills & Attitude

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Are you looking for a fantastic pre driving test qualification to set you on the right path to driving success? What's more, you'll even gain a recognised BTEC qualification that will look great on your CV.


This BTEC Level 1 Award can be completed before you even get behind the wheel! You can enrol on this course from the age of 14 - so you'll be well prepared even before your provisional driving licence arrives. You can also take this course along with your driving lessons.


The aim is to help you to understand different types of transport and the use of cars and public transport. Most importantly this driving course will prepare you for driving on your own, how to plan your journeys and also for long distance driving. You will also put together a portfolio that will be discussed on your lessons with tasks to complete at home ready for the next lesson.


The BTEC Level 1 Award for Safe Road Skills & Attitude consist of the following units:


Further details: -

Skills Qualifications - Safe Road Skills & Attitudes

Pearsons Qualifications

BTEC Level 2 in Driver Science

The BTEC Level 1 - The Safe Road Skills and Attitudes has been developed in collaboration with the Driving Standards Agency with the aim to educated road users to be build on their personal responsibility, attitudes towards risks and safety issues.  The qualifications therefore is suitable for both drivers and other road users from pedestrians to horse riders.

As the qualification can be awarded from the age of 14, it helps to inform young people on safe road use before they start to drive.  The added bonus of achieving the Certificate in Level 1 - Safe Road Skills & Attitudes enables them to take the DSA Abridged Theory Test (once they reached the required age).

The Aim

The BTEC Level 1 Award and Certificate in Safe Road Skills and Attitudes is to promote and build positive attitudes to road use and to help young people to take responsibility for using the road safely.  By taking this step, young people who become proficient road users at an early stage will be able to carry these attitudes and behaviours throughout their lives.  From this, promoting fewer deaths and serious injuries among the young and among road users generally.

The Benefits: -


Download Level 1 Specification