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Telematic Training Course

2BSHAW Driver Training are now offering this exiting new way of learning to drive, tailoring your driving experience preparing you for the insurance companies black boxes.

Happy boxes are cheaper boxes!! Call us and we will get you going on the path to cheaper insurance!!

We are aware that increasingly our pupil’s are telling us that the only form of insurance they can find which is affordable is the BlackBox Insurance.  You could save hundreds of pounds on your car insurance with a Telematic Insurance Policy.

Contact 2BSHAW Driver Training to start you Telematic Training Course that will save you money.

Why Telematic Training Course?

Driving lessons can be fun and exciting, interacting just like one of your computer games.  Have you considered the fact that your first insurance policy might cost more than what your car is worth.

  1. Do you like gaming? CURFER is gamified driving tuition, it is interactive and fun and you will love it.
  2. Do you like a challenge? With the latest technology ,the Telematic Training Course - CURFER will challenge you, it is up to you to rise to the challenge and achieve the best score that you can. You will be able to record your progress and share it with friends and family.
  3. Do you like money? I know of some young drivers that have passed their test and are being quoted anything between  £3000 & £7000  for their first insurance policy (genuine quotes). I know that if you train for black box insurance using CURFER, you will be able to reduce these quotes. CURFER will also save you money on your fuel bill and servicing for your car.


You can now monitor your child's driving, a way to be involved with their learning, a sense of control and satisfaction. In fact, saving thousands of pounds in insurance costs, reduce fuel consumption, wear and tear on the vehicle which will reduce running costs is clearly a key factor.

2BSHAW Driver Training offers so much, will make driving tuition exciting and fun and also has the potential to save money for such little outlay year after year.

BlackBox Insurance is a form of insurance that tracks the drive’s speed, acceleration and cornering, assesses the performance and gives a driving score in which the insurance premiums are calculated.  If you drive well, a qualifying discount maybe offered but on the other hand, if you drive poorly, your insurance premiums will reflect this and maybe cancelled.  At this point, other insurers may not accept you as a high risk resulting in not being able to ensure your car.

Many companies offer these black box apps and how they access your driving can be different from one company to another.

2BSHAW Driver Training would like you to be prepared for the black box insurance monitoring which is why we can provide the necessary training for your to reach the standard required from these companies. With the digital driving assistant, it will encourages you to drive in a safe and responsible manner using real time visual and audio alerts. Your own smartphone is used to interact with the device to highlight the key areas.  It records details if any excessive acceleration, cornering, braking and idling has occurred highlighting these area using colour coded display and audio alert.

An option to track your journey so you can review your driving at any time through Google Maps.  The areas of the map will be overlay with colour coded incidents where either of the four monitored areas have been identified. This ranges from green for good practice to red to extreme actions enabling you to review your driving performance at any time. From this information, help to encourage you to drive safely consistency with every journey and on the plus side, prepare you for the standard if you decide to take out a Black Box policy without having any worries about what to expect.

What more you can expect from your driving is savings in insurance costs, drive in a fuel efficient manner saving fuel costs, adapting to a relaxed manner which could save you on wear and tear on your vehicle (maintenance costs e.g. brakes, clutch, tyres, etc.)

Be prepared, ready and one step ahead so the thought of having a black box fitted will to not be a worry, being able to drive with the correct attitude, a relaxed manner which will be second nature to you.

2BSHAW Driver Training has brought driver training into the 21st century with our Telematic course.  Learn to drive, make it interactive and fun whilst learning the importance of good driving.

Each student that signs up with our Telematic Training course will receive a free TomTom CURVER which they can take away with them once complete along with their own personalised driving score, this information can be shown to the insurance company as proof of their driving.

With the use of the Black Box technology, drivers are now able to be treated as individuals, the device provides information for the insurance companies exactly how their customers are driving to determine how safe they are.  This way allows the driver to prove how safe they are on the road.  The device which is fitted discreetly out of sight uses technology similar to that of the smartphone to record how the vehicle is driven from harsh braking and acceleration to sharp cornering.  Based on their driving, an accurate detailed picture is established allowing the insurance company to recalculate their premiums as a way of rewarding their driving.

CURVER records:-

  1. When the car is driven
  2. The car’s speed
  3. Sharp braking
  4. Any heavy acceleration
  5. Total mileage
  6. Total amount of journeys
  7. Tracking (stolen)
  8. Parents are able to monitor the standard of driving.

1 in 5 young driver has a crash in the first six months of passing their test.

Your driving habits could be costing you money

A Telematic policy typically cost half as much as a conventional one for good driving.