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Triple Guarantee

The Money Back Guarantee

Only applies to the lesson be taken once the Money Back Guarantee has been activated. If dissatisfied with

the service provided, a discussion to determine what had influenced your decision will be asked   By activating

this clause, you agree to terminate the lesson at that particular point. You will receive a full refund for the lesson and then the lesson will be concluded irrespective of whether it is at a specific finishing point or not.

No future lessons will be carried out and any future bookings will be cancelled.

If you are in the middle of a block booking, historical lessons are not refunded with any outstanding lessons refunded at the standard lesson rate.

The Pass Promise (Beginners Only)

To qualify for the Pass Promise, you will be required to have passed your Theory Test within 8 weeks of the first driving lesson. You must have taken and passed a mock test prior to your first attempt and the Driving Test to be taken in the instructors car. The test must be booked in accordance with the instructor’s rules and time schedule ensuring availability.

Any unreasonable delays / cancellations of pre-booked lessons would make the guarantee VOID.

You must commit to a minimum of two hours per week (any fallen hours must be made up within the following week).  

If you fail the test on your first attempt, you will be required to take at least six hours before sitting another Practical Test.

The instructor has the right to give three hours of driving tuition instead of paying for the test fee.

The guarantee only applies to the SECOND attempt at the Practical Test with any additional tests to be paid by the pupil.

Two year Driving Lesson Warranty

The warranty starts on the same day you pass your Driving Test with 2BSHAW Driver Training.  You are entitled to receive 3 hours tuition per year for the next two years.

No hours can be carried over to the following year.

All tuition must be carried out in your own fuelled and road legal car.

The date and time of the tuition must be agreed with the instructor to ensure availability.

The tuition can not be exchanged for a cash value nor transferred to a third party.

These lessons have no financial value and can not be used in conjunction with any occurred driving penalties.

Not applicable for Pass Plus Lessons or Motorway lessons.

The lessons can be used to cover formalisation of a new vehicle.

Road tax, Mot, suitable car insurance and both parts of your driving Licence will need to be seen and checked at the start of these lessons.  Eye sight check will also take place prior to lesson.

With regards to your own car, I will not be able to drive or control any aspect of the car handling.  You as a full licence holder, will be fully responsible and liable for the safety of us and other road users and their property.

These guarantees are non-transferable and their offer maybe discontinued at any time.